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In most social art circles I'm known as Justart27, but even before I adopted that pin name I knew the root of my art skills and love of art started here. With a No.2 pencil and my imagination, I acquired a sense of how to create images within a blank space. I take inspiration from various artists around the world, both industry and independent ones thanks to art community sites. Everything from cover art and splash pages to story boards and character designs are possible in this classic medium. It’s a personal favorite for me that I translate into my other mediums, especially digital media.

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I've had some time and opportunities to work with a few artists in the comic and gaming industry on collaborative projects. Comic style art best describes my tech and approach when working in this area of art. Outside of guidelines provided by clients who commission work, I have to bring a lot of imagination into play when creating designs and dynamic presentations in the composition. Rendering, study of color theory, playing with perspective and spacial relationships is my current focus of growth, but I enjoy learning everything I pick up along the way.