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The Director


Planning and Executing

I believe a director ’s life should be split into two parts, “Planning” and “Execution”, the percentage of time allocated on each part changes depending on where you are in the business life cycle. If the time allocation for those two parts is incorrect along the business life cycle, a director could lead the business to trouble. The shift from designer to director leaves less time at the tools and more time keeping tabs on the big picture.

My Planning approach is split into planning for the team and planning for my own execution.
Planning for the team requires setting up a Production Process to produce the result that team needs. Train each team member to understand how to play their role in the process. Long term efforts to cultivate a team for a company includes nurturing their Culture, Mental stage, Knowledge & Skills constantly encouraging improvement through execution.

When planning for my own execution, I identify and priorities all tasks that i have to perform in the team based on the ROI towards the goals of the team. Experience has taught me to put a realistic calendar schedule to guide my actions.

Branding by Design

The focus of a company presence or the products they produce are up against a market that is filled with competitors, media outlets, and new ideas. As a result, my efforts towards an objective are often required to consider multiple points. Digital footprint and print media are moving together yet sometimes fight for rights to exposure. I have yet to be disproved that everything is relative, so i apply focus and balances as need with each situation, gauging the best way to reach the objectives while maximizing the ROI on our efforts. When the paths are defined creativity can take flight in a focused environment towards the objective.


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